Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Recent Sales

I recently sold two vintage items earlier this month. I am also working on my wrapping and photography skills this year for a more cohesive look that reflects my branding and online presence. Not only do I include cute wrapping, I also add a thank you card, envelope, a free vintage charades card and my business card.

 I also sold the vintage trophy loving cup and I had a box and envelope that matched perfectly. The envelopes I have used are from Target dollar spot, the hamster card is also from Target in the stationary area, the heart sticker is from a local stationary store called, Paper Pastries and the striped wrapping paper is re-used tissue paper.

The beautiful vintage Celtic box also sold last week. I ended up making a custom box for this tin box since it was sturdy and not as fragile or heavy and the vintage items above.

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