Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Four Years Later

I've lived in Pasadena, California for four years, I didn't picture myself living here. I always pictured myself in a beach town, which is why I lived in Orange County for six years. But when I got a job that brought me out here I loved every moment, though it is very hard to meet people here and while I have made some friends it is still  part of Los Angeles, and in LA everyone is busy and no one has time for relaxing and just enjoying life. It's not as busy as New York, but people are busy and keep themselves busy. So just seeing if someone is free to hangout requires at least a month of planning.

Since moving here I've had three jobs and this is the longest I've ever lived in one apartment. Partly it's because I have a cat and I am just sick of moving every year. From 2006-2012 I moved nine times! Here are some photos I took during one of my walks around my town, I hope that one day I can raise my own family hear and really start making this place a real home.

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