Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rock Climbing

We were able to take some free time to go rock climbing at Hanger 18!  It was a lot of fun and really exhausting. I suggest that if you are interested, you should take a class there. It was safe, our instructor was knowledgeable and loves climbing. Afterward, we rewarded ourselves with a juice treat!

Monday, June 10, 2013

LA River Ride 2013

 Sorry there haven't been any posts in a while. I was training for the LA River Ride. We did 36 miles total. My training consisted of spin class, weight training, yoga, running and hiking. I have been ridiculously busy and now I will be training for the Long Beach Marathon! Enjoy the photos we took at the Ride! Luckily since the ride was at my work place we were given VIP status and allowed in the tent with full free food buffet, free beer and free massages! The four of us had an amazing workout and I got significantly darker, as you can see in the first photo above!