Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Recent Sales

I recently sold two vintage items earlier this month. I am also working on my wrapping and photography skills this year for a more cohesive look that reflects my branding and online presence. Not only do I include cute wrapping, I also add a thank you card, envelope, a free vintage charades card and my business card.

 I also sold the vintage trophy loving cup and I had a box and envelope that matched perfectly. The envelopes I have used are from Target dollar spot, the hamster card is also from Target in the stationary area, the heart sticker is from a local stationary store called, Paper Pastries and the striped wrapping paper is re-used tissue paper.

The beautiful vintage Celtic box also sold last week. I ended up making a custom box for this tin box since it was sturdy and not as fragile or heavy and the vintage items above.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun Q & A

Thank you to Fran for sharing this questionnaire, I was looking for more blog ideas and this helped me from my writer's block. You can read her answers here.

1. Would you rather never have internet access again or never be able to travel outside your home country again?
That's a difficult question. Though I would miss googling things and watching YouTube videos, I would rather be able to travel. The feeling of being trapped and not experiencing other cultures sounds awful!

2. What's your naughtiest habit during your working day?
Watching YouTube videos instead of doing my household chores.

3. Where do you do most of your people-watching?
At the gym, no one talks to each other but there are people that do weird stuff, like run awkwardly, walking around nude in the locker room. It's a weird place where I just have to keep my head down from all the uncomfortable situations.

4. On average, what time of day are you most happy and content?
When I get ready for bed and my cat is already waiting for my to give her cuddles.

5. What are some of your strangest pet peeves?
I hate when people make mouth sounds and chewing sounds when they eat. My ears can't take it. And when they open their mouths to each and make the noises louder, is just hell for me.

6. If you could choose, which decade would you have grown up in?
The 60s. I would have loved to have seen The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, and all the greats live and experience the change in American culture! Hence the photo above, I think I'd try my best to look like Cher.

7. Would you rather be Penny Crayon or have Bernards Watch?
I had to google, I guess Bernard's Watch? It feels like Zach Morris' time stopping powers.

8. Where can you be found at a big house party?
Next to the owner's pet, hanging out with them.

9. Which talent do you most envy in others?
The ability to experience and emotion and then move on. I tend to stay in a sad and unhappy "feeling" for a really long time and constantly trying to get out of it.

10. When and why did you start your blog?
I started it when I began selling on Etsy. I wanted people to see that I was a real person that they could trust and buy from.

11. What are your goals for 2016?
To work on manifesting the future I want for my life. Including worrying on my relationships, working out and eating better and keeping a budget.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Four Years Later

I've lived in Pasadena, California for four years, I didn't picture myself living here. I always pictured myself in a beach town, which is why I lived in Orange County for six years. But when I got a job that brought me out here I loved every moment, though it is very hard to meet people here and while I have made some friends it is still  part of Los Angeles, and in LA everyone is busy and no one has time for relaxing and just enjoying life. It's not as busy as New York, but people are busy and keep themselves busy. So just seeing if someone is free to hangout requires at least a month of planning.

Since moving here I've had three jobs and this is the longest I've ever lived in one apartment. Partly it's because I have a cat and I am just sick of moving every year. From 2006-2012 I moved nine times! Here are some photos I took during one of my walks around my town, I hope that one day I can raise my own family hear and really start making this place a real home.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Skincare Routine

When I was younger I suffered with bad acne and scars from it throughout high school and college. In college I started using Murad and it worked so well that I no longer needed to use it. I thought I'd share my skin routine routine with you all. First are the exfoliators, the first is First Aid Beauty's Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. I use this bout once a week. For days that I really feel my pores clogged I use Lush's Dark Angels. When I exfoliate but still see a bunch of blackheads in my pores, I use the Black Charcoal peel off mask from Daiso Japan. This is similar to the Biore Pore Strips, but in mask form. It takes a while to dry on your skin, but the results are worth it.

Then I use the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. The cleanser leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh and it smells like cucumber, which is fantastic! On some days, when I have free time I used the Fresh Rose Face Mask. This mask also smells amazing and really makes my skin feel fresh and helps with redness from acne. The moisturizer I use is the DDF oil free Moisturizing Dew. This is the only moisturizer that keep my skin from breaking out. I use it before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. Finally I sometimes use the Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for acne spots that aren't going away as fast as I'd like. The results aren't very noticeable, but I still use it.

Once and a while when I see my face breaking out too much I use my Murad facial cleanser, but only about once or twice a year when I'm really stressed. Also, I always hear about Neutrogena but as a teen I found out I as allergic to it so I've usually gone to other company's that focus on my type of sensitive oily skin with dry patches throughout.