Thursday, May 23, 2013

Very Royal

I was lucky enough to find this beauty on my thrift store searches! I took it as soon as I saw what was inside this vintage case. This lovely vintage green Royal Quiet De Luxe Green Typewriter is now on sale at or you can click on the image above for the listing.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Amgen Tour of California

The Amgen Tour of California is America's most successful cycling race, the Amgen Tour of California is one of the nation’s largest and most recognized annual sporting events. This eight-day race, features elite professional teams and athletes from around the world. The Amgen Tour of California awards important, world-ranking points to the top finishers.  The Amgen Tour of California brings the excitement of professional cycling to California for the eighth consecutive year.

I was able to attend the first stage of the Amgen tour this year!It was a lot of fun and got some interesting photos of the end of the race. Because I work, I haven't had time to see the whole race, although it is on my DVR and I should be caught up by the end of this weekend!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Design Tips

1) Don't buy your artwork from Cost Plus World Market or Michael's
2) Don't use faux plants or flowers, real ones are better
3) Don't buy all of your furniture from one store, don't make it look like a "show room"
4) Don't mix your wood tones, choose one and go with it
5) Frame photos of places you've been and people you know
6) Personalize with objects from your childhood
7) Display some of your favorite books around your home, not just on shelves
8) Ask friends and family to create artwork for you to display
9) Mix and match with colors, don't just stick to white, grey and brown for your home
10) If possible remove the store bought glass candle holder and use use a beautiful candleholder/lantern instead

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Home Decor

Enjoy these photos I've taken in my apartment, I have to say that I have enjoyed decorating my new home and now that it's complete I will be taking better photos in the daylight. The two above are of my living room and the one below is of my kitchen (above my refrigerator). I purchased them from Cedar Run Vintage.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Spring!

Unfortunately, I don't know what type of flower plant that my grandmother gave me but it's bloomed! I was exited that the flowers were white so that it matches my bathroom better. It's exciting to see a plant that I've cared for, grow. I'll do more research on what type of flower I have, but I will have a few plants to plant in my front porch soon.