Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Belle's Quinceañera Photoshoot


 My cat Belle turned 15 this month! I can't believe that she's been with me since I was 18 years old, about to graduate from High School and now, I'm an adult with a career and my cat has been with me through everything. All the ups and downs of life, I've lived in a few different places but once she was able to stay with me for good, it was a big change.

Happily, Belle had been every sweet to me when I'm sad or upset. She even let me put this adorable dress I bought for her from MariaPril Collection. And the lovely crown is from The Fairy Factory Shop. Both shops sell on I am so glad that Belle let me put these on her for her birthday photoshoot.

These beautiful photos were taken by a friend of mine, Danielle. Danielle is a photographer and a social media marketing consultant. To see more of her work and hire her, check out her website. She also has a website called Disney Darlings which is a blog and photography site all about Disney and Disneyland. I could tell was getting confused about the whole photoshoot, Danielle was very patient and and made Belle feel relaxed.

The cake is a Lotus Salmon Pate from Lotus Pet Food. It's Belle's favorite. The bull piñata is from Epcot Theme Park, Mexico. The tassel bunting is from Vromans Bookstore. The candles are from my local Stater Brothers Grocery Store. The Disney Tsum Tsums (Chip and Dumbo) are from Target.

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