Monday, April 4, 2016

Ace Hotel, King's Highway Diner Review

 I love diners and I thought I'd review one of my favorite places to eat in Palm Springs. King's Highway is a diner at the Ace Hotel. I went for my birthday last year and had a salad. This time I had chilaquiles and some coffee. It was delicious, I love the feel of the hotel and the restaurant because it's relaxing, fun and very welcoming. The chilaquiles were really good and they had a base of eggs underneath. Unlike most chilaquiles, these were like tortilla chips drizzled with sauce. Usually the tortilla chips are smothered in sauce, then cooked/fried. The coffee is also served nice and hot and the mug keeps the heat inside the mug too. If you're ever in Palm Springs, I suggest ordering this. My friend had a ALT (avocado, lettuce and tomato) and loved it also. She was really happy with her side of hash-browns too.

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