Friday, February 5, 2016

Favorite Snacks

Here are the snacks and drinks that have been some of my favorites and would happily buy more of. With an additional non-food item at the end. Many of these foods were from my Try the World subscription box.

Top Row: Perugina Limoncello Dark Chocolate Bar, Ines Rosales Cortadillo Citrus Crumble Cakes, Piana Degli Ulivi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Middle: Confitures a l ancienne Powdered Hot Chocolate, Orientines Moroccan Orange Peel Cookies, El Almendro Turron, Zenbunni Chocolate Cali Almond, Zenbunni Chocolate Wishing Well Walnut

Bottom: Bake Love Koo Sweet and Salty Cookies, Le Palais des Th├ęs Variety Pack of Flavored Teas, Alpine Cheer Home Fragrance -Bath & Body Works


  1. Im going to have to try the Limoncello Dark Chocolate Bar! Two of my favs in one!

    1. It's surprisingly good, I was worried lemon and chocolate don't sound great, but I was so wrong! :)