Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pop Up Shop Wrap Up

This was my second pop up shop, my last was 2014. Well, it was very busy, I never had any quiet time, which was very different from my first pop up. In fact, although I created a check list, I was running late in the morning and I didn't look it over before I left. And in doing so, I didn't bring any water or food. Yes, on the hottest day of the year, I didn't bring any water or food, from 6:30am to 1pm, I was starving and so thirsty I was going to pass out. I also didn't have an umbrella, or a tent. And I was alone, so one one could get me some water or food. This was a massive mistake on my part! The photo above was my booth, set up and ready for sales at 6:45am.


This is my booth around noon. Happily, I sold my carpet, a Heinz tin, clothes, a beach chair, a few planters, a weight scale, a guitar stand and the pieces that are below. They are marked "inactive" because I had to remove them from after they sold. I will be making a video on my Youtube channel, talking about my experience in depth, there was a lot to go over and it may be too long for just a blog post.

 Though I will say that next time I do a pop up shop, I will be packing a lunch, a lot of water and asking someone to stop by to help me pack up, because people try to steal your merchandise when you're getting your car. And asking the event attendant to "watch your stuff" may not work out, granted he did "watch" as a woman was trying to take my suitcase that I used to keep and move my merchandise and I had to jump out of my car, as it was moving, to stop her. Granted financially, I did make a profit and I got rid of many items that I no longer needed. I think that the next pop up shop that I do will be in an actual vintage flea marketplace (like my first pop up) and not a community yard sale.

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