Monday, June 20, 2016

Mt Cat is Diabetic

I noticed on Memorial Day weekend that my cat, Belle wasn't walking anymore and she started sleeping with her head on her water bowl looking so sad and sick. She was also rapidly losing weight. I was able to get her an appointment at the vet that Thursday and tests came in the following Tuesday. Belle is diabetic. I was and still am devastated, but at least there's treatment. I need to inject Belle with insulin every twelve hours for the rest of her life. It's sad and disappointing, but at least there's hope. She's been on insulin for about two weeks now and she is doing a lot better. On the first day of treatment she started walking again, and by the following week she was strong enough to jump on the sofa.
Lately she's been sleeping with me like she used to also. I wouldn't place her on my bed when I went to sleep because if she needed to go to the litter box during the night, he would have no way of getting down. She's getting used to getting an injection now every time she eats and although I'm sad that I can't go on vacation this year because my cat is my biggest priority. I'll just need to save up enough for a cat sitter who can give medication to my cat.
She just turned 15, so this is devastating news, but Belle is happier no that she's getting the care she needs and the ability to walk is the best news. She's also been gaining weight now and her fur is more full now that her blood glucose levels are better.
I hope that you can keep Belle in your thoughts, prayers and send her some good vibes. On my end, it's been extremely emotional, I have lost sleep, and my sanity during the first week, I was a complete mess! Now that I have to give her an injection twice a day, I have been home a lot more and had to cancel many plans and events that I can no longer attend due to Belle's medical needs.

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