Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Duchamp to Pop Exhibition

 The Norton Simon Museum has had their exhibit, Duchamp to Pop since March and it will be at the Museum until August 29, 2016. The websites states, "For many of the 20th century’s greatest practitioners, the work of a singular artist exercised a potent influence—that artist is Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968). Duchamp to Pop draws from the Norton Simon Museum’s collection and rich archives of two seminal exhibitions in the early 1960s to illustrate Duchamp’s sway over Pop Art and its artists, especially Andy Warhol, Jim Dine and others."

To paraphrase, Duchamp’s definition of the everyday object as art, his wit and irony established him as the forefather of conceptual art. He was quintessential to the Pop Art movement, a moniker derived from the term “popular culture.”

The Norton Simon adds, "From the mid-1950s forward, Pop Art emerged as a response to the post-war acceleration of production and consumerism, and it became the predominant art movement of the 1960s. An inundation of media imagery and advertising led artists to reflect on the world as it was being marketed to them. At first glance, Pop Art can be seen as the antithesis of conceptual art, but below its slick surface, it is a thoughtful, occasionally flippant, critique of commerce and advertising. The use and depiction of everyday items allowed Pop artists to challenge the nature of marketing, explore identity representation and counter the heavy-handed emotional intensity of previous generations, such as the Abstract Expressionists."

Everyone should checkout this exhibition, which includes artwork from: Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Dine, Ed Ruscha and Joe Goode.

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