Monday, March 21, 2016

Favorite Apps and Podcasts 2016

To read my favorite podcasts from last year, click here.

Here is a list of some of my favorite podcasts this year:

The Blaze with Lizzie and Kat! The Original Beverly Hills 90210 Podcast
My entire childhood/adolescence was spent watching Beverly Hills 90210. From age 7-17 I was watching the show every week and watching reruns. This podcast is done very well, the hosts research the 1990s, the actors and the people involved with the show. The hosts have a great rapport with their guests and each other. 

The Generation Why Podcast 
The hosts discuss theories of unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, true crime and conspiracies. Though it's hard to listen to at night, It's great while driving and traveling. They talk about historical events and murderers.

The Self Help Hipster Podcast
 I was a fan of Lianne's blog (of the same name) and she has helped me out, especially reading her blog last year when I was especially feeling low, emotionally. The podcast does not come out weekly, but it's really fun to listen to.

My favorite apps:

I've been trying to keep up my steps and walk more often, which has been great for me. I really started keeping track of my steps while on my New England road trip vacation.

Plant Nanny
I have also been trying to drink more water. Plant Nanny has been very helpful, you just choose a plant and a planter and "water" the plant whenever you drink water. It has helped me keep track and I haven't killed a plant yet!
Neko Atsume
This fun cat app was all the rage and I'm still addicted! I just love these cats too much, they are sooo cute! I also want to get all of the mementos from the cats and get all teh cats to visit my yard and home.


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