Sunday, April 5, 2015

Favorite Apps and Podcasts

I've had a lot more free time, but because my personal and work life has been so crazy, unreliable and everything I'm dealing with is "up in the air", so all I want to do is stay home and relax and the following apps have been really useful.

Simply Being
I like to use this white noise/meditation music app to get to sleep, my sleeping patterns have been pretty bad and I've been waking up a lot throughout the night, so this helps me unwind and relax.

This app is fun for quick drawing sessions in order to relax.

This is a fun app that has quick ten minutes of meditation sessions. You will have to pay for more sessions after the first ten, but it's nice to have this as, I tend to not meditate as well or longer than 5 minutes when I'm meditating alone.

The following Podcasts have been great to listen to:

Obviously, I think I was one of the last people in the world to listen to this, but I was addicted and can't wait for another season.

After the Jump
As an Etsy/Vintage seller and Arts Manager I have enjoyed every episode, from blogging tips to creating your own business. This podcast is informative, educational and fun.

This app is fun to listen t when I'm getting ready for the day. I like to listen to the zen, healing, and intuition episodes. There are episodes that deal with ghosts, spirits, and wiccan topics, though I haven't listened to these yet.

 If you'd like a list of more podcasts, you can go to the website, Podcast Thing.

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