Sunday, August 23, 2015

Try the World Argentina Review

First the Bake Love Koo Butter Cookies are amazing! I loved these salty sweet goodies and I ate them all! I enjoy the Memories of Patagonia Malbec Wine Marinade, Fruits, Malbec Red Wine, and Honey are the main ingredients. Vanoli Chimichurri Ahumado is the second meat seasoning sauce from this box. I really need to buy more meat. I'm still working on finishing the Lamb with mint sauce from my England Box. I'm also looking up recipes for the Dulcor Dulce De Membrillo (a South American spread, made from quince into a smooth jam) and the Dona Magdalena Dulce de Leche. I've had the  Inca Rose, Patagonia Bee, and Chamana. I love tea so much! Last is the MQA Gourmet Green Olive Paste. I hate olives so much that I just gave it away. So I hope that they like it more than I would have.

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