Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Favorite Candles

These candles have been my favorite candles this past year. I bought the Frasier Fir Green Glass Candle from Thymes, around Christmas time and I loved it, it added the Christmas tree sent throughout my home. My boss gave me Fresh Cut Grass for my birthday and I love it. It smells like grass in the best way possible, it's fresh, smooth and light. This candle is from a local company in Los Angeles, but you can buy their candles online. Lastly, my latest find! From DW Home Scented Candles - Siren, Moonlit Orchid is an amazing scent, the webpage reads, "Ebony wood reflects soft peach, white orchid and aquatic lotus over ambered sandalwood, smooth cedar and pure vanilla". Plus the candle container beautiful and label is great too. Unlike the other two candles, this does not come in a box, but it's the least expensive candle.


  1. So in love with scented candles! have one burning right now

  2. Thank you Julia, I always have a candle burning, it just makes home so comfy!