Sunday, March 1, 2015

100th Sale!

This beautiful vintage 1950's cake dome just sold and I loved it so much. It'll be going to New York soon. I will say that I never though that I'd be selling 100 vintage items and still have more to sell. It's been an amazing four years and while it may not seem like much, when first started this shop, Sea Sand Vintage I was a student and now I've been working in my chosen career field for the past three years. Thank you to all my customers and blog readers, you have kept me going.

I also never thought that one of my customers would be the AMC's Award winning series, Mad Men. Who purchased my vintage finger cymbals for the Season 5, Episode 10 "Christmas Waltz" (Premiered May, 20 2012).

Just a look back to my first sale below, I really worked on my photography and I will continue to do so. I also, still have some fabric, but I've decided to sell the fabric specifically around the holidays and any actual in person sales at fairs or booths.

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