Thursday, February 5, 2015

No Shopping Challenge : How did I do?

As you may have read in a previous blog post here I was working on myself and some challenges that I was doing. Paige from Little Nostalgia posted her experience with the No shopping challenge. I will say that I did shop twice. I bought an outfit for a holiday work event and then another for a vacation in the snow and I live in Southern California, thus I own no sweaters. Because I went shopping, I decided to extend the challenge two extra days, so it ended on January 3rd instead.

I did pretty well, however I did do A LOT of online window shopping! I emailed myself links of things I'd like, I used Pinterest a lot too. So what have I purchased so far? A sweater on clearance at Target for $7.00 and the most amazing boots! As you can see below, they are adorable and match my purse quite well. I've been looking for black leather boots for work and I finally found some that weren't too expensive at Macy's. I was willing to spend between $80 - $100 on some if I really liked them, and boy was I surprised when he cashier told me they were half off!!! Seriously, I got some boots for $45.00 total. I feel pretty good about waiting until after Christmas to do some of my shopping. It all seemed to work out and I'm pretty thrilled about it.

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