Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I've decided to work on my finances and my digital bravery. First I joined Paige's No Shopping Challenge from Little Nostalgia. I just spend part of my savings on a fancy new road bike from Specialized. I have already seen results! I have been living paycheck to paycheck for the past few months, now I have only spent $200 of my last paycheck and my next pay day is in 10 days. Now I need to save all my cash to pay myself back.

I have also joined the Blog Society 30 Day Digital Bravery Challenge. I'm not exactly sure how this one will work, but I'm excited. I tend to be pretty personal and not "digitally brave". 

I also did a Forever 21 Challenge, which was horrible! I wanted a Beatles Mono Vinyl Set and took my best "Mod Photo". But Forever 21 never announced a winner, they just wanted entries for Instagram tags. I will not be participating in any Forever 21 Challenges ever again. I emailed them, commented on their blog, asked them on Instagram and they did not respond at all! At least I took a cute photo. #forever21istheworst

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