Wednesday, October 15, 2014

sound. at the Santa Monica Museum of Art: Mark Trayle

This may be the longest blog title I've ever used! Haha! Anyway, over the summer I went to
sound. at the Santa Monica Museum of Art with Mark Trayle. It's difficult to explain, but essentially made various sounds using some sort of audio contraption, unfortunately that is not my expertise. The Museum was in collaboration with the Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound’s (SASSAS) sound. According to the website, it featured "new multichannel pieces intended to conjure sonic illusions". The performance took place inside SMMoA’s exhibition, Robert Swain: The Form of Color. This exhibition was actually the reason I wanted to go to this performance. I enjoy the idea of two different art pieces being made into one experience.To hear what it kind of sounded like, click here. It was definitely an experience, I will say that I am happy that it was a free event, which allowed me to use my money to buy a CD of a previous Sound performance.

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