Sunday, February 1, 2015

Create and Thrive Challenge - January

I was answering the Create and Thrive Challenge on my instagram, but the questions were too involved to answer with a photo a day, so I thought I'd answer them on my blog instead. (the first 12 are on my Instagram).

12. How many new collections/products are you going to release in 2015 – and when?
 I'd like to post at least 1 a month. In January I've added 5.

13. What sales venue will you be focussing on in 2015, and why?
I'm just focusing on Etsy and selling in-person somewhere, though I'm still researching where I'd like to sell.

14. How much time can you realistically devote to your business each day/week in 2015?
Most of my time will be during the weekends. About 4-6 hours total a week.

15. When you look at your main product photo compared to other people's similar products, does yours stand out?
They standout, however I'd like to create a better photo studio and background.

16. What's your marketing strategy for 2015?
Blogging at least once a week. Posting a new product once a month.

17. Which single social media are you going to focus on in 2015?

18. How are you going to track and measure your progress this year?
Sales and posting views.

19. What planning tools are you going to use to keep yourself organised and on-track this year?
 Calendar, notebook and lists.

20. What are you going to start doing in 2015 that you've been putting off?
Researching flea-markets by going to them and checking them out before I apply to sell. 

21. What are you going to stop doing in 2015?
Being so lazy with my photography.

22. Who is going to help you with your business this year, and how?
Maybe some of my friends (a a friend) would be able to help me with set up, but I have yet to ask.

23. What one strategy are you going to use to ensure you're taking care of YOU first this year?
Trying to take time to do nothing after work except blog and not work on my store.

24. When are you going to take a break this year?
I'm not sure, I should really think about this, even when I was on vacation I did some Vintage shopping for the store.

25. What do you need to systematize to make things flow more smoothly this year?
Post office time, I always underestimate it.

26. How are you going to make your customer service exceptional this year?
Giving them up to date information on their purchase through online media and my thank you note.

27. What will your mantra be when the going gets tough?
How can this day go right?

28. How are you going to celebrate your achievements/milestones during the year?
After the purchase of one item, post another within that week.

29. Who is your crafty business role-model, and why?Well my Vintage business role-model are Dear Golden and Cut and Chic Vintage. Although I don't sell much vintage clothes I do enjoy the way these businesses use social media and photography to create a style that I know and love.

30. If you reach your ultimate goal for your business, how will that change your life?
I'd like to sell everything I've had in storage and maybe start again with more financial backing.

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