Monday, July 27, 2015

Soul Cycle Review

I went with a few friends of mine to Soul Cycle to try it out. As an amateur cyclist since 2009 I've been cycling "correct way", so it was a total challenge to dance/cycle. But I'll start with the cons (in my opinion) and then the pros.

It was too loud. I get that they want a club atmosphere for the classes, but the name "Soul Cycle" was confusing! I did not feel soulful, I felt no spiritual connection. How can anyone with Kanye blaring? This NOT a peaceful yoga, cycling experience. The instructor/DJ is yelling and I was still unable to hear her over the music.

The room is too small. The room is so small, the bikes are too close and it's obvious why everyone comes out so sweaty, there's no ventilation. The room is too small for so many people and it's actually really disgusting. I don't want my open pores to be so close to total strangers' open pores.

Lastly, I did not get a good workout. I was not sore the next day and actually, after a good work out I crave a hamburger and a fruit smoothie. After this Soul Cycle work out, I had a salad. I did not burn enough calories or needed some serious protein after. Also, I believe that the bikes don't have enough resistance, I was continuously raising the resistance but it was never enough! I thing the bikes only come in two speeds: No resistance and a small amount of resistance (like a 7 on a normal spin class bike). And I like to raise my resistance to a 16!!

The dark room, with some candles. I love this idea, because I hate the florescent gym lighting and everyone looking at themselves in the mirror for the whole class. So I am pro dark spin classes.

The Instructor/DJ was great while I didn't like the yelling, she was positive, a great instructor and good at her job.

The music equipment was much better than the spin classes at my gym. Usually the music is too high pitched and aggravating. The sound system was good, flowed well and although it was too loud for a relaxing cycling class, it's great for a club atmosphere.

Lastly, it was fun! We had a great time, I think it'd go again for the experience. But I don't plan on going if I want to work out. This is not the gym, this is a "dance party" under the guise of a spin class.

Have you gone to a Soul Cycle class? Did you love or hate it? I'm sure I'm the only one that feels this way, but I'll be keeping my gym membership and going to my normal spin classes and riding my bike outdoors.

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