Friday, September 12, 2014

Create and Thrive - Photo a Day Challange

I was a little uninspired in August in regards to my Instagram. Mostly I was just taking photos of food and my cat. I decided that after being inspired by the Modcloth' s Summer Challenge I wanted to  do another one, I did a quick search and found Jess' Create & Thrive's Photo Challenge! I liked the challenges and I had a lot of fun taking the photos. I may do another challenge later on, if I find one just as inspiring. Thanks for the fun photo challenge Jess!

 I was really excited when Jess from Create & Thrive chose my "Treasured" photo as one of her favorites. I decided to show my favorite vintage rings. My rings from left to right: 
From a Monterrey antique store this year, Found in a grocery store when I was a kid, Given to me from my Aunt, From a Pasadena antique store this year.


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