Friday, September 14, 2012

My New Bathroom

I am finally done with my bathroom, photos of my home to come soon, but here are some of the items that I purchased for my new bathroom, I shopped at Pottery barn, World Market and Bed, Bath and Beyond.




  1. Right on, Claudia! Accessories perk up a bathroom. It makes the loo 'interesting.’ That's definitely a fine collection, especially the matching soap dish and toothbrush holder. You’ve got a quick eye for cute stuff! I'd love to see all these elements in your bathroom. :)

    -Waldemar Bureau

  2. These are beautiful items, Claudia. A good thing about bathroom accessories is that you can always mix and match to come up with a new theme. Your bathroom curtain looks amazing, by the way.

    -Randell Jeffries

  3. You certainly know what to get for your bathroom, Claudia! I love the harmony of the colors! They all look calm and refreshing to the eyes. Colors do have a special effect on the minds of people, and just looking at the stuff you brought for your bathroom, I’m sure those can help you relax when you’re in there.

    @Elizbeth Alba