Thursday, August 16, 2012

To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

(Nürnberg, Germany)

I am debating if I should also add a Facebook page for Sea Sand Vintage. I am leaning towards not doing so, only because I have this blog, which is a much more creative outlet for me. I feel like the posts I write here go a little unnoticed, however since I am the Facebook user  that I used to be, maybe a Facebook page would lack in "Likes" as well.

But let me go back and review my online outlets for Sea Sand Vintage:
The store is on, the updates are on Twitter (which is connected to Instagram) and this blog on Blogger to share my etsy store updates, and personal updates about my life.

I think that more than enough as I do have a full time job, currently looking to move and have a social life (including my hobby of selling online). So, I believe that for now, I am alright with these Social Media Outlets I am using, but if anyone thinks that Facebook would be useful please let me know.

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