Sunday, July 8, 2012

Arrow Craft

To make your own Native American Indian inspired Arrows first buy/find an arrowhead. Many stores in the southwest and Western museum's sell them and I''m sure Google has made the such infinitely easier.

Next, tie the Arrowhead onto a stick (which can be purchased at Michael's Arts and Crafts or in your backyard. Likewise, feathers can be purchased at Michael's, Walmart or any craft supply store.
Cut the feather in half with an xacto knife. If possible, tie the top and bottom of the feather to the stick and add super glue to the quill (middle) of the feather to the stick.

 If possible, choose your paint colors. I choose two, one for the stick (grey blue) and another (yellow) for the stripes.

I created the yellow stripes by using tape to create a boarder and to make my lines as straight as possible. However, you can make whatever decoration or additions you would like. 

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