Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Candle Review: Fireside

 This Fireside candle has the scent of nutmeg, incense and patchouli combined with oakmoss, amber and cedar. I found it at Anthropologie for $38.00. The candle has three wicks and it's by Illume. The glass is Mercury Moonglow, with a green tone along the top part of the glass.

I was looking for a smooth smelling holiday candle that didn't smell like a Starbucks drink. I do prefer musky, woodland scents to sweet food type of smells. This candle smells like a bonfire in the woods in the best way possible. It's subtle, relaxing and very comforting. I wasn't planning on spending so much on a candle, but I couldn't put it down, I needed this in my life! I am really glad that purchased it, I'll already need to buy another one soon because it's already half gone. I've used it a lot and my apartment smells amazing because of it. This is a great gift and perfect for any home too. Treat yourself and buy this candle!

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