Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY Pillow Case

I've had this white pillow case from Pottery Barn for a few years, but I've never done anything with it. I saw some art prints with listings of different Major European cities. I just decided to add more of my favorites. I bough some printable transfer sheets from Michael's Arts and Crafts.

First open up your paint program, whatever you'd like to be typed in any font you wish. Or add whichever image you'd like. Now click on "Rotate" and select, "Flip Horizontal". Then printont  he transferable sheet (s). It's so simple!

Once the sheets are printed, cut the areas of white off, you don't need to iron the negative space. Then iron on the text/image on to the pillow case. Please read your transfer sheet instructions, they may be different from mine. I ironed the pillow case and then the sheets onto the case.

This is my final product, it turned out exactly like I wanted. All my favorite places in one pillow.

Pillow Case: Pottery Barn
Transfer Sheets: Michael's Arts and Crafts Store
Font: Bauhaus
Program: Paint

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