Monday, May 11, 2015

Try the World Marrakesh Review

I was so excited to get the Try the World Marrakesh Box! I'm excited to try the Villa Jerada Kefta Rub, I did try the Dip & Scoop Culinary Argan Oil with bread and wow! It was so good! The flavor is fantastic, I'm already half way through the bottle. I'll need to find a find a recipe for the Titan Sardines, As for the Moroccan Couscous and Onion and Tomato Couscous Sauce, I am so excited to try these. I'm really happy that I can make an actual meal with my Try the World food. It's not just random snacks and candy. Also, the Moroccan Orange Peel Cookies by Orientines are delicious and while the packaging took up a lot of the box, the cookies were really tiny, that's my only complaint, but that has nothing to do with Try the World company.

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