Friday, August 15, 2014

Bathroom Makeover

I decided to finally update my bathroom! First the tapestry is a souvenir from my trip to England last year, you can see some of my photos from my vacation here. I loved the tapestry from Roman Baths in Bath. And as an added bonus I put it in my bath! I also bought the frame pieces from Michael's and asked a friend with a saw to cut the long pieces.We then connected the pieces with L brackets and small screws from Home Depot.

The two floating shelves I found at the Thrift store. I just needed my drill, screws and wooden dowels to adhere each of them onto my wall. My sink is so small that I needed a shelf to hold my soap and another to hold my scent diffuser from Pottery Barn. lastly, I bought a glass jar to hold my other soaps and placed that on my toilet.

Lastly, I organized my shelf and moved my baskets around. Actually, I just changed the basket above the shelves, but I'll post about that project later.  It's really coming together so far and I can finally enjoy my new relaxing bathroom!

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