Monday, April 23, 2012

Instagram Part 1

As a regular instagram user I have been asked about my techniques while taking photos. Since I pride myself on my photos I thought I would write a series of blog posts about my techniques, photo issues and write in depth about some of my favorite photos.

First I thought I would write about the things I am not a fan of with regards to the Social Media Photo App:
  • Hashtags are quite annoying and make any photo instantly tacky in my eyes. While I understand that many photos are being entered in competition, added to a photo galleries I will also immediately dislike any photo with 5-10+ Hashtags. 
  • Personal photographs, while most of my photos are a part of my personal life, I really don't need photo's of Stranger's Friends on my feed. If someone whats their personal photographs to have an instagram filter, just use the app on airplane mode and no one will ever have to see these personal images.
  • Photos that were not taken by the Users; It's copyright infringement to use someone's photo/work without their permission. It's illegal. But if one must, please credit them!
  •  Spam, including the users that constantly ask to be followed. There is a big difference from having instagram fans and begging for followers.
  • Unfortunately there are some people that are constantly negative an like any social media outlet there are people that have the habit of leaving rude comments in photos. I have had my share, and I appreciate instagram's speediness in deleting those comments and users.  

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