Friday, October 14, 2011

Painting Supplies

Since I have had an enormous amount of free time I have had the opportunity to look for my art supplies, craft paper and my old portfolio. I thought I would name my re-entrance into creating and the Revival of my Pen Drawings and Art Projects.

Below are some photos of my painting supplies in my "new acquisition", a Vintage "Secret of NIMH" Lunchbox. I found it during one of my thrifting/antique shopping excursions! I am so happy I found this, I favorited one on Etsy a while back, but it was purchased before I could buy it. Serves me right for not adding it to my cart and buying it as soon as I saw it! Haha!
But it's fine now, since I found it and I refused to walk away from one again! This movie made my childhood what it was and I am so happy it can hold my mini art studio! (Now all I need is the Thermos!)

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