Hi, welcome to Sea Sand Vintage! My name is Claudia Sandoval. I own the Etsy shop, Sea Sand Vintage and this blog to share updates, new listings and sold items in my store; I also share my photography, DIY projects, recipes and other aspects of my life in Los Angeles, California.

I first started Sea Sand Vintage in 2011 after being a huge Etsy supporter and customer for years. I have collected vintage, antique and collectable treasures since I was a kid! I always loved the "search" for those one of a kind, unique pieces that can make a house a home. I first began by selling my own favorites that I no longer had room for and my Grandmother's fabrics from her years as a seamstress. I love bringing a little bit of nostalgia and happiness to my customers and visitors.

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As a seller of vintage items, I am delighted to help my customers find gifts for loved ones, re-decorate their homes and helpful pieces for craft and sewing protects. I've had about 10 years of training as an art and artifact handler and packer for various Art Galleries and Museums. I truly believe that all objects should be well cared for and shipped correctly. I guarantee that I will do everything I can to ensure that each package arrives in the same condition it was shipped in.

My Collections: Matryoshka Dolls and Beatles Records
Favorite Food: Cheese (all kinds)
New Year's Resolution: To take the Metro more
Guilty Pleasure: Instagram
Treat Yo Self: Food, Flowers and Travel
Past Jobs: Beekeeper, Michael's Arts and Crafts Framer and Disneyland Hat Writer

As a professional I have worked handling artwork for Michael's Art's and Crafts, Disney and an Art Gallery in Southern California. Then, I realized my dream of being Museum administrator would only come from continuing my education by going to Graduate school. You can read about the early part of my journey, as a guest blogger on ArtJob.org, just click here. My Museum career began in 2012, where I worked handling artifacts and artwork. I safely packaged and shipped pieces and oversaw exhibition construction and art handlers. Then I was pleased to accept a position as a Museum administrator, where I work on the development and events side of a major Museum in California. It's great to be in a place in my life where I can enjoy my life, career and hobbies, which include cycling, yoga and traveling.

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